Five Key Elements to a Stunning Performance

Session Two will begin the end of June!

Class registration will be open soon.


Five Key Elements to a Stunning Performance Online Classroom

This course will cover the five elements that are absolutely key to a Stunning Performance- whether for agility, disc dog, flyball or other performance dog event!

  • Shaping
  • Impulse Control
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Running and Drive
  • Focus (with distraction)

To register for the class, please go to the class registration page and fill out the form. Once I receive your registration form and confirm there is space left in the session, you will receive an invoice for payment through PayPal via e-mail. After payment has been received, you will get a password to the class material page sent to your e-mail so that you may access the curriculum throughout the course.

Working Spots: participation in video and discussion assignments, will receive feedback on both.

Auditing Spots: participation in discussion assignments only, no video, will receive feedback on discussions.

You do NOT need a WordPress account in order to participate. However, all students registering for a working spot are required to have a YouTube or Vimeo account (for video assignments) in order to participate in classes.

Blog discussions are continuous throughout the session. Video’s are due by the end of each week so that the instructor may see each student’s progress under each topic throughout the course. Discussions and material from the course are deleted at the end of each session to keep the classroom clean for the next.


***All content from this class is for the eyes and ears of paying students ONLY. Please do not share with others without my permission. If you know of somebody who is interested in the material of this course, please refer them to this site so that they may sign up for next session. I expect all students to be honest and trust that they will not share passwords or material with those that have not paid.***



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