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About Stunning Performance


Stunning Performance Dog Training (SPDT) was founded and is run by Hannah Bright.

Hannah is a dog trainer from Central, Ohio. Her main passion is agility, but she also has experience with, and trains for, obedience and behavior modification. Hannah has been involved in dog agility for 9 years, behavior modification for 4 years, and has been training dogs professionally in all areas for 3 years. She has worked with multiple well known trainers and competitors in all areas of her training (agility, behavior and obedience).


Stunning Performance offers private lessons for agility, obedience and behavior at a facility located in Central, Ohio. On top of that, SPDT is now offering online classes to better accommodate those outside of the Central, Ohio area.


Hannah’s dogs:

Bandit’s Red Hot Xplosion “Logan” – First Aussie and agility dog. Retired at 11 years old.

Chinak N Trinity’s Sakari MX MXJ MJB “Sakari” – Second Sheltie and agility dog. Still running strong at 6 years of age. 3 double Q’s away from MACH!

Denmar’s Stunning Revelation “Stunner” – Second Aussie, third agility dog. Still learning the game at the young age of 23 months, but ready to burst out of the gate!


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