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Here is what students have to say about training with Hannah…

“I was excited to learn that Hannah Bright is going to provide training help on line for people who live too far away or are working and can’t get to the training facility for lessons.  Hannah understands the importance of training the total dog in order to have a great performance partner.  She trains dogs to be obedient, social with other dogs and people, and confident.  Her knowledge of agility training and handling skills has developed through years of working with the best agility instructors.  In her training, she recognizes the importance of the dog having FUN while learning.  I have been taking lessons and having Hannah work several of my dogs for some time now and both me and the dogs have really enjoyed the experience, while continually improving.  The dogs love to work with her and she is able to get them to focus on the things she is teaching so that they learn very quickly.   
Hannah always has a plan to move forward with a dog’s development and can adjust it for each dog.  This trait should help her be an outstanding video instructor.  She also tells me what to work on between lessons, which helps with the structured progression toward goals. She is extremely articulate and should have little trouble explaining things on line.  Some instructors who lack this skill need to be there in person because the student doesn’t understand what is being taught without asking questions and continually clarifying what is being said. While everyone needs to ask questions sometimes (and this can be done on line), it is certainly less frustrating and more efficient if the instructor is exceptional at explaining things the first time.  
I am very impressed with Hannah’s knowledge of all aspects of dog training and her creativity in devising exercises to help solve various problems. I expect her to be very successful with this endeavor.”

-Sue Klar


“I met Hannah Bright when I stumbled into a puppy agility class she was teaching back in 2011 with my very first dog.  I immediately fell in love with dog agility and was impressed with Hannah’s teaching style and philosophy.  My young border collie, Coda, and I starting taking weekly private agility lessons with her in winter of 2012. 

Hannah is extremely knowledgeable about any and all aspects of raising a high drive dog and succeeding in the agility ring.  She always knows exactly what works for Coda and I and concentrates on making us a stronger team.  Hannah spends a lot of time personalizing each and every training session and finds creative methods that work specifically for us.  Initially, Coda was very fearful of the teeter and as a new handler, I definitely need help with my handling skills.  Coda now loves running across the teeter and she has helped me to drastically improve my handling so Coda is better able to read my body language.  I still have a lot to learn from her!

I would full-heartedly recommend Hannah for any of your training needs, whether you want to pursue performance or just need general puppy and dog behavior help.  She’s my go-to person with all dog-related questions and has genuinely helped me to be a better doggie mommy and handler!  It’s very obvious that Hannah is passionate about this sport and helping others succeed in it.  We always have a great time working with her.  Coda literally whines with excitement every time as we approach the training facility.  I know I’ve found a hobby for life in dog agility and will celebrate with Hannah along the way as Coda and I progress and earn titles in agility together!”

-Biru and Coda


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